The Alpine Marmot Project

Welcome to the Alpine Marmot Project

Our marmots on TV soon!

During June and July 2016, a film crew came at the Sassière natural reserve, to film our marmots in the context of a big movie project called ‘Aging in the Wild’.
Our team introduced the fieldwork, talked about the sociality and ageing of marmots marmots and also their extreme environment where they live.
The French version of this 5 part series is set for release this summer with broadcasters/distributors TV5 in Canada, and ARTE in Europe. The first broadcast will be on Thursdays at 7PM on TV5 Quebec Canada beginning on June 1st and continuing for 5 weeks. The website for the series can be found here:

Our marmots will come on Episode 3, the 15th of June 🙂 !

If you would like to stay up to date on this series, you can connect on one of these social media platforms:

We hope that you will enjoy to see these series!!!

About marmotmarmota

We are a research project focusing on the Alpine Marmot run out of the University of Lyon.

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